Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I've Got Errands To Run

Happy Tuesday Ladies

Tuesday - that's my everything day.
 Hair appointments, dentist, dog to the vet you name
it and you'll find me doing it on Tuesday.

The outfit that I am wearing today is from Chico's Platinum Collection.
It is a couple of years old. I'm always looking on the sale rack at end of season.

Living in Florida requires a lot of layering. 
The heat and humidity make staying cool a top priority.
But we natives know that we must always be prepared for "air conditioning".

The linen sleeveless top is new from Chico's this year.

The necklace by Nina Nguyen is my Mother's Day gift from my darling grandsons.

Great seeing you again.

Have fun living and loving life!

See you soon.


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